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since i dun hav you, i.... :

1. working all out..digging out what shud i do in this and that seconds..avoiding things that make me feel down of not having u at this moment..
2. strive at my very to fulfill those time and seconds, making it bz..even my weekends spent doing proposals, reports....i dun mind..
3. fight for my right, bcz theres nobody else to do it for me..
4. hav long ride without second thoughts filling the invitations, requests..meeting frens event a second..
5. become a silencer dan lari slow2 tinggalkan that crowd..~ yes, im mixed with those crowds yg bercerita pasal nak jaga baby, nak g mane weekend, citer dlm kelambu (wth), wat to do..huhu
6. balik kg drive sorg2 sambil karok..dan berenti kat petronas je time rase agak tak berdaye..makan pun kit-kat crunchy ngan nesc kat petronas tepi pam angin krete..
7. tak brape bersungguh sangat nak topup handset..haha.. :p bunyik tepon pun x de nak berlari2 skuat hati nak angkt..
8. .....bla...bla....

no..i'm not down because i dun hav u..
am doing these all, because of since-i-dun-hav-you..

**tadi browse shelves..
terpandang buku tajuk Since I Dont Hav You..
and that flies me to think something about the title..+.+

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