the mess

i went home (kampung) last thursday for my weekend continue with merdeka holiday..
and i was shocked with two letters; one from LHDN and one from takaful.
very stressful since both consuming money and fines..
well, gaji baru masuk and these all stuffs coming, u must know the feeling rite.

aku cuba2 buat cool and went to cafes and jejalans with my sibs.
yes, that worked. and until yesterday i came to the dungun, met my hosmets and the routines.
faced the emcee texts for today ceremony.
sesampai je office aku mcm..."oke, take a deep breath, lepas...phew..and lets us handle these one by one"... scan all those docs and send the emel to the PIC kat hasil. then, after confirmation, she said, "oke puan, semua document cukup, and kita akan setelkan ini secepat mungkin..semua cukai bayaran yang dikenakan akan dibatalkan." glad to hear that, then i run the ceremony well.

and now, i try to call takaful but twice still engaged..huh.
hate that.
if the claim from the org yg langgar aku tu accepted, and i would be cursed on things yang tak spatutnya, siap laa.. i of course dont ever halalkan setiap sen yg aku kluarkan ni. h**l no! org dah berhabis macam2 ko buat sh**..mmg aku sumpah ko kna panah petir.
ko langgar aku, ko suh aku hold police report, aku buat smua.
atas dasar ksiankan ko. tuptup camni ko buat aku.

lets not trust anyone!

and the person kat sini pon tambah menyerabutkan aku.
eh, hal ko, ko takleh ke setel sndirik. emel penuh la, ko takleh attend la, itu masalah ko.
buleh tak jgn duk serabutkan aku.
ko igt ko sorg ade problem

i hate!

monster (inc)

it is normal for a woman or girl or lady or watsoever you call, we are of course having our one or two days in a month or a week (teruknya kalo smggu skali..huhu.not me hokay) swinging mood which bring our faces muncung and redup pandangan mata, do not want to reply ur questions and even melayan lawak-lawak bodoh yang dilontarkan.
call us the dragon or tiger or watsoever horrible monster you want, it never change the mood and perhaps it would fire more the flame.
and sometimes even the women not understand other women.
not so many people want to understand other, you know, kind of aku je yg nk kna paham ko, kalo time aku ko is like "ko dah knape bad mood?"
the question which is kind of asking for a back-hand or something.
well, i am a normal women, i am hating. bad-mooding, gossiping and all women know..
i am not always have happy face and pleasing you in every seconds.
so, pls be respect.

tetiba emo. mende ntah aku nk tulis, tapi aku is bad mood and do not anyone to disturb.
and people, pls be in rules and dont do mess..
i am a monster today.
*gorjes monster may be.. ahaks!

cooking review

i dunno to classify this as baking or cooking or wat..
sbb dia kek kita panggil dia baking.
ade stengah org panggil biskut batik.

after aku macam tak puas ati kat kedai beli singgit tiga ketul nipis je tiap2 senin kat pasar minggu, aku gigih mencari resepi yg kat tenet. well, it is not my first time since aku pnah gak cuba buat skali, tapi tak jadi. so gap nya mmg lama dengan yang this time. resepi tu ade telur, dan aku tertanya2 gak why the heck it is licking not so well like the kedai one. 
but then this time, it is marvelous. resepi simple sambil pejam mata pon bleh buat.
jadiikkkk..and i was like..oh my god, seriyesly!!!!
kawan2 kata oke, then buleh la buat lagi..hehe.

ini adalah bahan2 nya ye.
seperti yg dicadangkan kat tenet.

patah2kan beskut ikut suka ati.
aku tak pakai sepeket, pakai dua rows je.
milo tu pakai sepeket yg 200gram punya.
susu letak setengah tin je.
butter letak abes.

panaskan butter, letak susu and letak milo.
ko kaco kuat2 sampai dia tak berketul.
then bila dah agak2 nampak all blended well,
masukkan beskut marie itew and balik2kan
biar all covered with the liquid.
and letak dalam bekaih.
agak2 dah mampat and biar skejap sbb dia panaih.
then masuk dlm peti ais, sabar sehingga 3-4 jam then
bleh la potong2 ikut suka ati.

hasil dia nice.
aku mls nak rotate since this pic from phone.
boleh la makan seminggu bersama teman2.
ade blogger suggest to have this with only plain water.
since the susu yg kita masukkan tadi is
enuff to sweeten the taste.

omg i am baking? seriyesly? (baking la jugak kan even ko letak je dalam freezer pastu skejap2 bukak peti..haha).

a song


When your legs don't work like they used to before
And I can't sweep you off of your feet
Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love?
Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks?

And, darling, I will be loving you 'til we're 70
And, baby, my heart could still fall as hard at 23
And I'm thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways
Maybe just the touch of a hand
Well, me - I fall in love with you every single day
And I just wanna tell you I am

So honey now
Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Place your head on my beating heart
I'm thinking out loud
Maybe we found love right where we are

When my hair's all but gone and my memory fades
And the crowds don't remember my name
When my hands don't play the strings the same way (mmm...)
I know you will still love me the same

'Cause honey your soul could never grow old, it's evergreen
And, baby, your smile's forever in my mind and memory
I'm thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways
Maybe it's all part of a plan
Well, I'll just keep on making the same mistakes
Hoping that you'll understand

That, baby, now
Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Place your head on my beating heart
Thinking out loud
Maybe we found love right where we are (oh ohh)

La la la la la la la la lo-ud

So, baby, now
Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Oh, darling, place your head on my beating heart
I'm thinking out loud
But maybe we found love right where we are
Oh, baby, we found love right where we are
And we found love right where we are

lagu lama, tapi takde la lama sgt.
ed sheeran nyanyi aku tak feel sgt.
syamel AF baru tu nyanyi terus masuk dalam hati.
my God, i want to dedicate this song to my future soul.
know what, i'l loving you till 70 and more.

i will wait for
i promise you
i'll wait

jjcm kuala terengganu

for the last saturday weekend, i woke up late as usual (ampun bakal mak mertua, nanti saya jadi menantu makcik i behave bangun awal okay).. finish housekeeping and took leisure day watching tv and read novels dan acah2 nak terlelap balik petangnya since i was alone. tiwani beraksi di kitchen mengajar budak2 memasak. hebakk tiwani!

as planned yg aku hampir lupa, mahirah texting me as i promised her to have a celebration (again) for our exam result. giler kan aku, lain org lain celebrationnya. ni blom aku kata nak celebrate ngn family.haha.. result tak seberapa, celebration dabel triple.hover the clover sungguh. haha..
and i went through google seeking for the best awesome places  to go.
NR Cafe is one of the listed places yg dikatakan awesome oleh bloggers and fbians.
plus it was visited by JJCM time iqram dinzly hosting tempohari.
so, i said to mahirah, why not we went there.
padahal dah pkul 4 petang.
tgk pada waze mmg sejam lebih dari sini.
tawakkal. aku mmg jadi aje.haha.

it is located at jalan tok jembal.
kalo dari roundabout KT-Manir-Permaisuri tu,
amik ke airport seberang takir, jalan ke mydin gong badak.
yes, kita akan passing by tepi airport.
ala, waze sudaa..

as stated, dia ade seafood.
fresh seafood.
services dia pon ok, friendly.
i loike.

dia jugak ade western.

posing2 je kat sini since this place had been reserved.
kita duk meja2 biasa je.

kami amik set 2 pax, ade ikan besor (siakap/bawal)
which we chose to bakar berempah,
ayam goreng kunyit, sayur kuchai, tomyam poktek
atau bleh pilih chiangmai (if u like),
telur bungkus, juices.
well, tak sampai RM 60. okey la kan.
kenyang menyandar takleh bangun baq ang.

tengs mahirah for the day.
semoga kita berjaya di masa-masa akan datang.
got ur master soon and going to work
dun forget people who support u from ur start.
and one more thing, ingat tuhan, and ur parents.
as people come and gone, they are ones that always attach on u.
believe me, u would always being in bless.

sbb tempat tu jauh, kita mmg sembang2 dlm keta je.
singgah makan, berenti solat kat masjid area gong badak depan skolah sains airport,
mmg tak g ke lain.
singgah kelulut kejap je to have air nyior eskem and have keropok lekor sambil menikmati pemandangan indah lautan terbentang.
mmg jjcm sungguh.
there is a place in my mind to have soon as on our way kita spot few good places yg bleh try soon.
leisure kan aku..haha.
thats why people ask me how to be like me.
how to work as my job.
well, all people could be a librarian, but how they manage their time and their interests actually depend on the individuals.
i work hard, study hard, and also play hard..hehe.
to be smart, i dun even know that am i smart enough to manage my time which kadang2 terbabas juge. 

well people, u have to know that me is kinda working-leisure-single-lady  whom seeking for activities to appreaciate life more. and we seek friends and things to do. besides, we have to add our knowledge for dunia and akhirah, we serve our parents and families most for the pahala since only that we could create pahala kinda thing besides ibadah2 lain. so, when u have the family (hasby, daughter and son), be appreciate coz u have the new commitment on new crowd to create pahala. why i stress on that? coz few of my crowd always sighing that "oh, bes la mung, aku takleh dah nak buat tu semua". well, u actually could have dabel excitement in other way actually. creative la sikit kawan...

eh, mende aku ni, ni entry psl jjcm okeh..haha.
k bai.

jjcm kemamang

it was a fry-yay and i was waking up on matahari-dah-tinggi since dat nite baru tahu result.
since i told tiwani, what ever my result would be, we need to have a celebration.
of course the celebration would be kind of makan-makan dan leisure lepak.

macam biasa, time result lah aku lupa password dan tenet ttiba nak lambat pastu takleh buke emel, pop up tak kluar dan sebagai macam masalah. i asked one of my fren whom still awake on that time. pastu ttibe tenet aku menjadi kuat dan laju. kna acah gitu rupanya line tenet ni..

sedikit frust actually since i wont achieve my target to maintain the APF award.
lagi 0.05 duhhh.. my gudness Allah knows well what the best for me.
still alhamdulillah i could further next sem with the same friendly classmates.

oke, lets story about the jjcm a.k.a celebration for the small victory.
mimex, one of my besties naimians, suggest warong aziz satar, kopitiam haipeng and restoren ton juan located at kemamang. know what, the same places listed on the google rank and also the bloggers' fav places. but, among all, i chose warong aziz satar since the other two banyak sangat cerita pro and con nya.
my junior, also berhajat untuk visit the warong also dat day but since he has been migrated to JB then kita gi dengan skuad yg lain lah. life is fair, right..hehe 

buleh tahan lah jauhnya.
kuala kemamang is not my familiar place to visit.
dia masuk dalam sikit dari jalan besar yg aku biasa lalu.
senang nk recognize since keta banyak2 parking kat kdai dia.

dalam dia ade beberapa stalls yg jual mcm2.
kitorg g dah nk maghrib, so banyak lah makanan da abes.
so, mana yg ade je lah

mak kau bulat bulan purnamanya haku..

dan ttiba ade tjumpa hosmet ngan hasben.
renioun sedas di sini.

as suggested, pais.
pelik sket paisnya.
kalo mak kat umah pais dia lain..ade tumbuk2 kelapa ngan bawang.
nice to try, but the seafood mcm tak fresh je.
rempah dia sedap btw.

kitorg je ade kat kdai tu time ni.
mgkin petang dia ramai kot customer.
sbb dia self service, tade org nk serve sgt la.
but adik jual pais is sgt sopan.

ini adelah pais dan harganya.
payah nak rotate.huhu

di dataran kemaman, which also i recognize ade kopitiam haipeng
n restoran ton juan dekat tu, there been car boot sale.
seronok tapi sbb tak sempat nak kejar mission impossible kat kerteh,
 terus kami pecut ke MM.
well, kemaman ke kerteh about an hour gak pls.
terkocoh2 gak la

antara barangan yg dijual

yg dekat sini mmg lama la menyinggahnya.

ttiba tersesat kat bawah ni.
sotong celup tepung dia.
but then, we found it not too delicious
 as compared to kelulut punya SGT.
habuk dia pun keras, x smooth.
but still nice ttry.
here the jjcm kemaman brought us a good experience.
thank God.
it has been a long time i do not menjalankan aktiviti lewat malam bersama kengkawan.
k bai.

nafsu nafsi

semalam kawan gaduh aku was sent me a pic..raya pic.
and he just gain 2 kg after raya (he said lah, but i am not percaya sgt sbb dia kaki klentong).
and i am, also gain kilos after puasa that day.
about 2 kg and plus. my gudness, seriyesly.
and now i am just worry (but keep eating of course).
he ofcourse psycho-ing me.
"nape nmpk mcm kurus?"
"kurus nya skang"
kinda thing which giving me thought, makan je ko nk makan ape.
and this, of course, like a spell in my head, killing my diet..

Selera dinasour datang dari mana entah.
my hosmet is pregnant but aku yg over.
"aku yg pregnant engkau yang selera makan beriya"
oh my God!
"haney, ur selera makan just look like preggy twin babies u know."
aku is usap perut and say "oh baby pls be kind to mummy howkay!"

and today i force myself untuk puasa.
dah kena amik initiative forcing diri sndiri.
tapi pepagi lagi pk aku nk buka puasa apa arini.

a) gi pasar malam je..
b) masak sendiri spagetti creamy buh cheese banyak, with chicken (since pantang seafood lately)
c) singgah kedai je otw balik kj nanti
d) semua di atas.

tak mustahil dowh yg D tu.. (owh!)

camana ni?
nasfu syaiton kah ini?


after a bz week, this week pon tidak kurang bznya.
i am exhausted dengan kerja-kerja opis dan duniawi.
ukhrawi yg sbnrnya menuntut kita melaksanakan simple2 routine kdg2 kita lupa sbb duk bz benda2 duniawi ini. na'uzubillah.

actually i am proud to announce that the research, which is small research that i addressed myself as the elaborator and content analyst (giler kan announce sendiri), is actually able to submit yesterday. rupanya tarikh submit is esok, and that supervisor is really proud since team dia, which is kitorg, able to finish it ontime. even aku rasa dia tak baca sgt pon mende ape aku tulis.
know what, aku merapu english grammar tunggang langgang but the doctor has ignored it.
dia kata yg penting isi, and the guideline kita ikut.
oh, senang juge buat research kalu gini gaya.
but for academic grading, i need one sem prepare for a proposal, and would cont the rest on this next sem, setahun kot kalo kira, azab.
patut laa kalo ikutkan Dr OT, takyah nak concern sgt psl kerapah2 things tu.

even the penerimaan aku tatau camana lagi, but proud to have the paper.

and now i litlle bit nervous nak sambung next semester with the chapter4 and 5.
scared to know the supervisor.

tadi ade kelas ngn part3, EE.aku tatau la depa paham dak aku ajor.
blur je blaka. aku rase msa aku part 3 dlu kala imej kitorg lagi matured dan kitorg lagi agresif bab-bab blaja ni. adekah zaman semakin memberi impak kepada behavior manusia.
manusia semakin manja dibelai oleh teknologi?
huhu.. harapnya kita akan ade pemimpin yg berkualiti di masa akan datang.
*wah, berjiwa patriotik sekali.

k bai.


i found this on my FB walking.
and it is nice.
want to be a vegetable?

ExpressVacation part 3

before we end this vacation, i asked everyone to have lunch with me since i refused to stop for meal at R&R alone. Tanah Aina Azareena Restaurant is one of the Aina's branches which is located about 6km from the resort, tepi jalan on our way back. i suggested that place bcz masa otw datang aritu dah lalu and wonder what they have in there. at first diorg nak direct terus balik and singgah at mall, but i insisted dengan muka tak puas ati then everyone hardly agreed.haha..

perjalanan agak berliku.
seems dura's car meluncur laju ke depan tanpa menghiraukan smua itew.
hebakk mung.


memula konpius, igtkan chinese restaurant.

entrance lagi..
cantik envy dia.masuk kedalam 2 3 km baru jumpa restaurant dia.
masih berkonsepkan dusun dan save our rainforest kinda thing

mengaudit ejaan di restaurant orang 

the menu listed all the tanah aina.
makanan dia standard restaurant biasa.
aku agak semua menu adalah hasil ternakan dan tanaman yg
ade di sekitar tanah2 yang disenaraikan.
bijak sungguh konsep beliau.

ade waterfall jugak kat sini cuma xde org mandi.
ape kau nk mandi tepi restaurant org tgh mkn?


hasil pesanan untuk luncheon.
aku agak gembira dan berpuas ati.
haha. makan, sape tak gembira kannn

nak menggembirakan aku katanya..

salted egg chicken ..mmg sudahnya aku yg menghabeskan benda ni.
aku kan suke ape jua hidangan yg ade salted egg..  ~.~ 

apokah seninya amik gamba belakang pokok?

silalah berkunjung ke sini ye.penat aku mereview ni


till we meet again.

oke dah.

ExpressVacation part 2

lps trekking melepak dalam bilik. leisure smbil landing2..

malam ade dinner bbq

dinner dah siap masak.

ade lamb, ikan talapia, chicken juge

masing-masing kesejukan sbb hujan

permainan hendon ini aku pnah main  time kecik2 dulu.
atpi lagu dia lain. hendon punya lagu version dance and hiphop.
payah nk ikot,haha

lepak2 sambil main chess..
bosan sbnarnya. tapi ini kan  leisure vacation ko igt mlm2 ade aerobik? 

dia ade served biskut raya lagi.
rayakan sbln.

ade tayangan save the nature and depa recall pics yg trekking petang tu.
mcm peguin je sorg2..haha

mirror pics is a must..
semua org tdo awal since ade yg terbersin2 kena hujan.
dia takde water heater kat bilik air.
ade yg kena telah panadol dan tersungkur before jam 11.
aku terkelip2 melayan deruan waterfall sambil berangan.
lelap juge la sambil cari line tepon.

ni dah pagi, bangun awal giler masing-masing sbb nak g morning walk.

di belakang hend adelah cikgu2 UCSI.
sporting blake.

sbb pagi sangat mata aku pon xbleh buka penuh.

subhanallah pemandangan dari sini is sgt fresh

kasut basah so xleh pakai socks

aku slalu berangan ade rumah atas bukit
so in the morning i would see the kabus sejuk berarak camni.
what a great bless kan..

macam tengok negeri kayangan


sejuk kan

aktiviti bergambar adelah dari mula smpai,
matahari naik,
hingga lah dia [unya guide suh turun..haha

model morning walk signage


igtkan buleh turun 2 kg after climbing the bukit..
bfast dia buleh tahan marvellous

mmg aim port tepi-tepi ngadap waterfall untuk feeling rainforest


even sejuk aku paksa turun.
bila lagi nak merasa. ye dak.
idura was amazed daun2 atas kepala
yg dimakan ulat which leaved the dots yg cantik katanya

this really amazes me

dah macam pegawai hutan aku tgk pic ni

ni je la pic berlima yg proper

bentong rupanya kaya dengan durian best2..
aku igtkan segamat je.

it is a nice place for holiday.
highly recommended for u ols.