is it rude to fight for our own right?
sometimes we do argue to stand and defend diri sndiri daripada org2 yg suka menjatuhkan..
the level of tone for that argument basically based on camana org yg cursing the statement.

i did stand for my right (and sometimes others - kdg2 cuba menjadi pendamai yg at the end terperangkap sndiri).
not to be rude to the eldest, but they are the most who like to condemn people since they think you-young-people-listen-to-me kinda thing. and might be it is sort of life crisis..(uhuh?).
and after thinking and muhasabah while being alone, it just crossing my mind that am i would be like them soon?

midlife crisis is between how to act like - young vs adult.
and these bring the chaos and those who do not know how to balance would tend to be childish and ade juge yg kwn2 slalu cakap tua-sblm-usia.
well, being tua and being matured is different thing.
sometimes the job itself required people to be like that.
for example, being a manager in HR while your age baru 24 to 26, you cannot sengeh2 and so on, if you dont want your subordinates luffing at you and perkotak katikkan you.
i was in that shoes and i know.
when subordinates waiting to listen to your instructions and your friends were like omg-why-so-serious kinda thing. well, this really happen to fresh grads who appointed to hold managerial post in organizations.
thats why i always share the experiences to the trainees who come to have industrial training at my place.

being balance is the key.
but me, also cannot get the balance.
and those who stay with me since the first day i get this post, are very appreciated.
thanks for accepting my thick and thin.

ok.. aku dah berjaya delaykan keja setengah jam.



lately i hear many soseh2 about "hey, you keja cepat sangat lah, kitorg tak sempat nak catch-up" ...and "akak ni kot yang cepat"..."cepat sangat buatnya, jadi kitorg tak tau.."
well, i dont know lah plak making job done fast is a kind of fault to you people.
i actually dont like kerja bertangguh.
do not procrastinate, do job when tihe time come, and sort them with priority.
while you let satu , and yang lain datang and bertambah bertambah..
i dont like since banyak benda lagi perlu difikirkan.

kdg2 i keep thinking apa aku nak buat untuk mendelaykan kerja.
but my mind keep thinking "eh, aku kna buat itu lah..ini lah"
that bring distraction untuk fokus dalam hal2 yang sedang dalam perbuatan.
why people like to bertangguh..
yes, esok masih ade, but then, esok untuk esok, dan hari ini adalah untuk hari ini.
hmm, is it hard to understand?

slalunya kita yg membuatkan ia complex.
for me, ia mudah untuk difahami.

ke aku yg complex?


flu and kindness

i was sobbing for the flu and fever, together with my forever penyakit complex (which time dia datang tak hengat, time xde, xde lgsung siap bleh makan seafood sebesen) for last weekend. all in one came on last Wednesday which caused the unfocus-ness sampai meeting urgent pasal perancangan strategik and this year planning i was like "hurmmm..hurmmm...". and luckyly boss understood and adjourned the meeting "peacefully"..

and like before, i was very nervous about my own condition.
seeking for doc on thursday petang memang menyakitkan hati, counter je bukak. but as usual, kalo x kena sejarum memang lambat la nk recovered. the medicine alone always not enuff for the mutant like me. jumaat i call back the clinic, the doc also not available. ufhh...! i decided to go to watson and seek the medicine. Alhamdulillah, today i have slowly recovered and inshaAllah would be blessed for better soon.

hidup ni mcm tu lah kan, sekejap sihat sekejap sakit.
and i wish i would be able to handle whatever circumstances come..

and yesterday, after a walk at the town and kluar amik angin, my hosmet and i stopped at our fav restaurant to tapao dinner. and while we walking to cashier, they yelled "dah bayar kak, ade org bayarkan tadi". homaigad. aku pandang wani, wani pandang aku. and we just din know what to say. blessed memang blessed but sumhow we just...scared. haha.
oke lah, we can say that goodpeople would be always granted with good deeds.
kita doakan lah orang tu.
maybe they just doing a random kindness, and we were chosen to have it that time.
apa lagi ko nak pk kan..positive2.

thanks Allah.
for everything.



yes, i am planning for the next vacation.
to go with family, i need to wait until aidil abes PT3.
and on that time ariff would be in uni registration.
oh, how time flies..
adik2 dah besar, dan aku...masih begini.

jerebu, panas terik.
badan dedor..phew!
mlm ni harus cari panadol soluble.



so now u drink coffee to against the medicine affect yg bagi mengantuk tu untuk buat kj opis?
kau igt ko hebat?

p/s: sorry to the body and soul, i need to be strong for these.
lepas ni kita g vacay k...



that what i feel today and lately...
and the double stress comes time by time..
and as i cant do anything except sleeping to reduce stress.

well, it is normal to have stress at this age and level of job that claim extra commitment for u to care about. oh my goodness, actually i am going to explode if these things continuing bertambah and bertambah. it is hard to be since aku tak lah reti untuk buat keja cincai..

this afternoon i have an info skill class to handle.
lecturer tu pon la hai, takyah la masuk, senang sket nak merapu dlm kelas tu.
itu takpa lagi, dia mai dgn "nanti u add the slot with endnote" which is aku mmg taktau apa psl endnote.

tambah lah stress nya.
and i found that tday rasa mcm nk demam, tekak dah start sakit.
*menangis la ko sorg2...

oh my goodness, Allah, guide me to the straight right path.
and reduce my stress pls.



when you notice the ones who you think closed to u have changed just because of their problems, and they wont let you to know them, all the moments you just think like, what the faking moments you share with them. it is not a deal if you are not knowing, but it is a big deal if you know that ohmy, i know you are in trouble, bertabahlah. and you will start advising in all the situation by selit2 the advises and trying to bring them back to the ground. i hate that but thats all i can do.

it is not that i want to be the hero.
i dont know how to explain if inside me telling that "what else can i give to people" especially those i love. loving people is granted with positive-ness in the life. they are happy and you also would be happy. if they fake, and the aura would spreading the "acting" living, and it is definitely wrong to live that way (in my thought lah).

i appreciate living very munchies.
i dont know others, but me inside, i need the loving crowd, spreading positive-ness and supportive people to continue living.
then we could beribadah in good ways.
oh Allah, grant us with guide, and let us be in peace, and show us the right path.


i like the post by Dr. Halina, talking about the 15k viral thing.
last nite this issue raised and i was just stumble and try to kona-kona and it was ended with citer lain. oh my people, why so serious about money..

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