public holiday

semalam was a public holiday.
celebrating bday sultan hensem, sultan Mizan.
and eventhough i needed to represent my dept for MDS, it din matter..
balik umah lps perasmian MDS tu i asked all to siap2..
"nak g mana?"
and i said, "a holiday should be a holiday, even kna keja sminit dua, we should go out and have sumting to do with holiday-thing" *omo smua pppoyo..haha
so i brought them to Kuala Abang, makan kopok lekor and after that ended di pasar mlm.
that wat we call holiday in tengah2 minggu.
and we enjoyed that..
especially the kecik hosmet, Firas Afnan :)

my fren told me that,
 "kerja mmg tak abes, kalau abes msti mung dah kena fired.."
omg..the ugly truth kann..huhu

serious gayanya

the mom and the son

hamboih cik ma.
penjaga batu ker?

ada umah tepi pantai tu.
mesti dia tak takut dipukul ombak.

snonot ye firas

siap merangkak

tangan momma maintain dlm plastik pencicah..haha
btw, here all my housemates


babby in car.
that's all.
c ya'..

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