it is wrong to be right in these days.
you know why?
because everyone nak selamatkan perut sendiri and having the pot for their own sake.
it is okay if it wont affect anyone.
but when it comes to a teamwork kinda thing, it of course menyusahkan org.
and i personally think it is wrong.

and now i need to learn how to be 'slow' in doing thing,
how to slow down my passionate in completing tasks,
and neglecting some procedures to walk with these people.

and i dont like that.

and i cursing myself of doing that.

...and i do remind myself, 'people doing mistakes'..

not saying that i do not make mistake, but, membuat mistake dalam keadaan sedar is kind of silly i think. ke guane?

i hate when i am hating....myself dalam keadaan begini.

Allah, ampunkan aku.

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