i was here and there for these three weeks.
and my mind got chaos and exhausted.
got short vacay, attending bengkel, and wedding trip at one shot mmg gimme shot on head.
i got headache,  coughing, and flu all in a package.
khamis yg tetiba dpt mc dan jumaat mmg rest abes.
sabtu ahad drove all away.
dan skang masuk opis berpinau2.
tgh amik mood.
know what, i need to give a talk for one hour this weekend.
slide taksiap lagi.
kali ni xle escape.

headache masih ade ni. haih.
next time xleh buat semua bnda ni one shot.
shock body and soul.
and your antibodi is not young anymore.
you have use it for 33 years, what d'u expect then.

get rid your work and pay some place a visit.
get refreshing your view, baru feel hidup org kabor...
semoga semangat datang kejap2 lagi.

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