i thought one of my staffs feels uneasy with me due to imbalance job delegation.
sape suh buat kerja main-main and tak serius.
dah tau ur boss is kind of seriously serious macam harimau Malaya cun, buat hal lagi.

every each work given i need to check and check more than two times.
pastu salah.
then i nag, then everyone does not happy.
so, baik lah kita delegate kat sapa yg boleh buat kerja.
and i want to see these few days, who would come and ask for work to do.
if tak de, i would create few things for you to do.

penat lah.
staffs i tak ramai pon, thats why i need ones yang boleh buat kerja betul-betul.
ni tak, i need to do all things and you plak just baca2 and proceed.
eh, sape yg lead this unit actually guys?!

dah, bai.

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