huk aloh

Aku rasa budak2 ni ckp aku ni meroyan mende nak marah2.
seb baik aku x dtg period everymonth mcm org lain, kalo x tetiap bulan la depa kena sound tepet di muka. tak kira tempat.
dah kalau tak paham kenapa tak tanya.
pastu benda dah submit utk analisa, pastu salah.
aku tak pernah ajar kot buat bnda tu.
mana dia rujuk tatau.
bila tanya tetiap bulan, dia jwb "dah anta cik!".
bila aku tanya nape x emel je cc kat aku, dia ckp lg senang gi kabor je ke tuan statistik.
so then aku tatau ape kesah statistik tu,
until smlm aku suh letak atas meja utk dipresent, merapu2 statistik kau letak.

nak suh aku tulis ke satu2.
pk la.

1. amik pen
2. kira
3. tulis
4. masuk dlm template
5. hantar ke tuan statistik, cc ke aku sblm 5hb setiap bulan

aku takpenah pun suruh ko pjt gunung, redah paya.
suruh kira je.
huk aloh mung bohh.

dah skang sape nk jawab bnda ni.
program outreach smpai 6 kali sbln, rajinnya laa library kita.

i dont understand

i am very disappointed when been told that someone asked to reshuffle the unit.
well, i am not reaching 5 years yet in this unit, and my passion of conducting classes and dealing with people still in progress and i have people who continuously seeking me for info.
and after all, i was "kicked" again in acquisition and admin unit.
i feel like omg what the heck.
the exhausted of the csr thing yesterday pun tak abes lagi you came and told us to do this and that.
apa kau dah abes pk.
so stress lah you ni.


a friend

this entry is for my closed fren.

i am very upset to hear the very unhappy things happened to you.
and after your very down day last month, this month (which would coming to you soon) would be the extra unhappy thing you'll faced.
yes, the hikmah for you of not having that, but then, we know, the sebalik tabir of that,
you (and also me) have sacrifice more for holding him.

for him to appreciate, i do not know.
but what could we do is, controlling ours.
let us stop being sincere to those people like him.
know what, it is like, omg seriyesly??!!!

let us delete him from our life.


this morning , i woke up early, and got finish dengan tergesa2, and dropped by 7E dekat umah amer to buy some roti gardenia utk bengkel pagi.
I was like, not too much expectation org akan dtg ramai.
kalau dlm list 15 org, yg dtg mgkin 10.
dan memang tepat jangkaanku.

and, berapa pun jumlahnya, still aku kna delivered as well.
so, dtgnya ke opis pepagi buta was, to siapkan slide sbb lappy buat hal.
sesampai di opis bukak external hardisk, ttiba blank.
tinggal yg x duk dlm folder je.
dan time tu jugak aku brasa blank.

almost about 1 hour selepas tu nak bagi talk utk bengkel.
my goodness, terkocoh2 sambil meratap nasib diri.
alhamdulillah, sempat.
jenuh jugak recall knowledge yg ade utk bersembang dgn budak2 yg dtg.

and alhamdulillah, semua data boleh recovered.
aku mmg bleh cari sndiri mcm buat kat memory card nikon tu, tapi dalam tempoh masa yg huru hara ni, dgn prog lagi 3hari, kau rasa...?

and aku bersyukur pada tuhan.
semoga projek last2 minute ni dipermudahkan.

katanya paham ape yg dikongsikan.
harap2 memberi manfaat lah.

training WILS

it is a BIG PHEW after having this 2 weeks training.
2 kali je dpt join, lain-lain duk bz kat IMD.
alhamdulillah for all commitment


it is wrong to be right in these days.
you know why?
because everyone nak selamatkan perut sendiri and having the pot for their own sake.
it is okay if it wont affect anyone.
but when it comes to a teamwork kinda thing, it of course menyusahkan org.
and i personally think it is wrong.

and now i need to learn how to be 'slow' in doing thing,
how to slow down my passionate in completing tasks,
and neglecting some procedures to walk with these people.

and i dont like that.

and i cursing myself of doing that.

...and i do remind myself, 'people doing mistakes'..

not saying that i do not make mistake, but, membuat mistake dalam keadaan sedar is kind of silly i think. ke guane?

i hate when i am hating....myself dalam keadaan begini.

Allah, ampunkan aku.


i wanna share a doa i got somewhere from FB account.
and i thought it is something to do with Ebit LEW.

"Ya Allah, sayangilah aku, sayangilah kedua ibu bapa ku, sayangilah keluargaku,
dan sayangilah orang-orang yang menyayangiku, sesungguhnya Engkaulah yg Maha Pengasih, lagi Maha Penyayang"

this doa covers you and your loved ones.
So kalau ko nak disayangi Allah melalui doa ini,
sayangilah orang yg kau rasa akan berdoa menggunakan doa ini.
I do it, and i want to menyeru you to recite this doa too.
even not many followers and readers, at least i know one day when i read this post again,
if i miss this doa, i will able to recite it again.

Insha Allah.