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i love to see Fikri in dat drama (title entry refers to the drama ye tuan puan..) :))

i read the entry written by myfren (stok mls nk copy link), and few sms from a fren yg mungkin xda kj sbb tgh jaga bby dan bpantang kat umah..

layan mood tengah pening kpala dengan smua program yg bersusun untuk dilaksanakan.
its good actually to hav things-to-do since we know after these ones, we shud do those ones..
and the list keep cont..
and wat we called work and job.
without it, dat is no point the gov hires people like saya ni, rite?..

with that also we can escape from thinking about the need and necessary of being wat we named as a normal-human-being.
a rest, holiday, shopping, hangout with frens, having bf, loving2-things, marriage, and kinda-thing of not-being-serious-all-the-rest-of -the-life..

a fren told me, how could you can getto know others if you keep having routines yang mcm gini...?
well, did i need to answer that q?
" is fair enuff to us..we'll wait and see"
jawapan menyelamat..

and bukannya saya xda kwn..cuma kawan saya pun bz cenggini juge..
but it doesnt mean we dun updating eachother..
ye-up!kawan...still kawan..dan masih bkawan..
dan saya lihat diorg give-up untuk continue asking the Qs and change the topic immediately..

saya pon tgh memikirkan soalan dari few frens:
"dah nak yg camana..boleh bagi criterias?"
.".....nak kna bagi satu rim double A ni..." ~
even at real, i dun even know wat exactly i want my future to be

well, of coz laa wat-shud-a-lover-shud-have-to-love-their-love ..

eleh, ye ke...but my brains start working and the listing started..


...the numbers continuing..... ^^

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