they know

they know that...
- i like to wear baju jurung riau rather than baju kurung
- i like the flat-sandal with the beads more than high-'hell'-heels
- i would wear change handbag every 2 weeks
- i often take highly meal on lunch
- i would take heavy bfast
- i like things in good-sorting..if you sepah-sepah, make sure you put them in order after used
- my chosen things are 'like-that' .. (wah, ni aku wonder they know my type..haha)
- i am seriously serious in doing things asked
- ....and the most they know about me is: i am the most moderate-boleh consider-ketua unit to listen their things (ko dtg la citer psl anak sakit ke, psl keta rosak ke, psl bunga ko tanam tak hidup ke, aku sedia bsembang..also u can dtg citer pjg2 and kuarkan org cuti/keluar tanpa byk soal..huhu.)

*we are in the taaruf-mode..thanks God for these people who really 'care' about me and my things.
hope i learn the lesson...huhu

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