never be the same again

i hate that when your face appear in my eyes even you are not there.
i hate that when i stare at your face for moments while your stories seems like never end.
i hate that seeing you as it was the last time i able to see you as you are like this.
i hate that...

but i still hope you able to get survive on your chosen dream.
i still hope you can achieve your dream and being somebody soon.
i still hope you can smile like this when i see you soon.
i still hope that i can choose your drink at the menu and you just oke with that...
i still hope we can sit like this, having good conversation, and you talk like time is not running even the sky getting dark and night is coming..
i still hope we could ever meet again.

no, i dun want to see you again.

bcz i know u wont be the same again next time i see you if God willing.
*crying to banjir...huhu

k bai.

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