after all the sudden, May comes.
yes, May is not my great month at this year (even the month blom pon abes lagi).
my thought still not move on.
even i just try to push to things better to think.
am i still feel the anger.

and time goes by.
and i do not get any news as i know these days dia's crucial times.
may be great time for dia lah kan.
of course i pray for dia's good time.

i pray for the replacement..
for better replacement.
Allah knows best.

aku mcm lg hover dari photographer upahan cikma

pengantin terlampau..hehe..

my housemate got marry on 2nd may.
wish her the happiness till syurga,
soon no one wud kejut i ols pepagi,
no one will ketuk pintu bilik i memalam sbb takut.
miss u cikma..

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