pre-vacation #bff

i got too excited when the vacation dah dekat..
sampai aku terdemam dua ari, and cont with cerry berry hingga ke hari ini.
today i guess the illness might be reduced since semalam dah gi klinik. and i have google some treatments; go find isotonic drinks and bananas, and have minuman mempunyai bakteria baik untuk memberi kesihatan yang baik.
inshaAllah lah kan, semuanya akan baik.

last friday my bff has emailed us the tentative for the vacation.
lagi best kalo kita duk dekat2 and bleh buat preparation together.
baru laa nak selongkar closet seeking for tracksuit, g cari sport shoes bagai.
know what, suar track mmg pakai time2 g vacay je. nak arap bsukan tahun bila ntah.
i dun really like sport, but nature walk, of course i like.hehe.

even with the limited time, of course we try to make it precious.
nak bkumpul setahun sekali pon susah dah sekarang.
everyone with her own commitment.
and as day passes, people get married, and some has migrated to other place, except me who would always available in any way..hehe..


mmg akan slalu ade yg lost the train,
so the admin manage to make a grup.
admin haruslah bekeng dan mempunyai karisma dlm
pengurusan rekod dan dokumentasi.
who is appointed to Durt.. hehe

actually aku excited2 ni, next week ade program library, but seems like smua org relax je.
aku xleh relax2 ni, x seronok.
kalut2 kan best, keja jalan, pastu when the time come, kita dah relax bleh pk what else we want to add on to make it nice.
know what, i got no rhythm yet in the "new" working envy.
stakat ni i just try to get into them.
i wish soon i get the seronok to work here which i am not found it yet.
kalo kat umah sewa of course very fun..hehe.
so, priority lebih ke rumah sewaku syurgaku..haha..over mak.

okies, continue excited till the day..

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