it still raining out there.
and i am sitting here at this hour to start my daily routine,
know what, i really want to write about SELFISH.

i dont know lah what others' thought about selfish.
but for me, i would be a selfish when it come to the end of the world.
sometime i try to be selfish, and it really hard, i force to be one.
tapi kadang2 end up dengan "what am doing?huh".
tapi orang..?

when in talking we just story about you.
when we discussing we discuss about you.
the priority is always on you.
tak perasan ke?

ntah lah.
when i got the hate feeling, kang kata aku letak feeling kat a frenship plak.
but, am i stupid for still being here with you?
no, nobody is stupid.
just i cant escape from go far from you.

take for granted kah dia nya?
atau aku yg serupa tunggul mengikut.

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