raining and fren.

it is raining right here..
well, tday is monday, blues is around the corner.
but last nite i was woke up at 416am and cant sleep even hardly tired like sakit pinggang but still cant further sleep anymore..hujan petir smua wasnt the inspiration anymore.
for the last seminar i stayed at my fren apartment whixch she lives there with her Catnis, a cat..huhu.
nevermind, a cat pon a cat lah.

by the way, lepak with a fren who know u for a long time is kind a theraphy, who would bash and smash u in everything u did wrong without any filter..
of course they are better than who cover2 and comfort u in anyway.
kalau sakit ati pon at least she telling u the truth, and not aibkan u in public kinda thing.
kata fren for a life time kan.
pedih tu mmg dah.
but  dah memang itulah the reality.
i just like oke fine, i would learn the lesson.
and she just like "last time pon ckp camtu jugak, hey!wake up pls"
and..i was like, telan je mee and cont asking, tukar topic and talk about theses and assignments..haha.
tau pon salah sndiri.

i am not a good fren.
a put in more emotion on a frenship.
i expect more more a relationship.
i build a high hope in everything.
i take serious in every single thing.
and...i believe in miracle yang tak wujud.
oh my..dun dance in others wind.
and.. i admit that..its all about me.

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