i really feel that my siblings (and I) were kurang sabar in various different things.
and one of us (i found that) memang kurang sabar bab2 makan.
and he would be like "cepat laa..lapar" kinda thing mcm tak menyempat.
and i dont like that.

my sulking heart brought me to drive early to Dungun.
i feel unease to be with him around since cakap pun tak guna.
it was the second time i facing that thing directly and it was very menyakitkan hati.

well, tell me that it is one of the faktor usia kinda thing but i feel very hard when people talkback to me. kalau benda aku buat tu tak betul i am very open to accept.
tapi kalau benda obviously memang melibatkan org lain dan ko sorg je yg problem i would not compromise.

tak pe lah.
tapi sakit hati.


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