the blesses

last thursday, hari gaji, brought me to Watson (as usual port lepak)..
and i got a call.
it is a code for my bby sister which would be returned reply with the same aaaaaaaaaaa.
then i reply "bakpo mung?"
"aku dapat sambung blaja..."
and i was like "yaaayyy!"
and banyak benda popped out in my head.

even it was after rayuan, she is accepted to cont. her study.
know what, masa 1st tau aritu i thought i felt soo down for her.
tapi sempat aku bawak sembang for her to forget that thing and gave little hope that, well, you can do many things rather than sambung blaja you know.
but then deep in my heart, rasa nak menangis sedey tu ade.
mlm tu dia tido awal.

and i somehow arguing in my heart..
she is a good girl, why she wont get the place as what she wanted to.
tapi aku sempat la mengucap, qada qadar Allah.
and i forced her to make doa, i told mum to do that too.
and of course my self.
doa aku berbunyi "Allah, dia budak baik Allah, selalu tolong aku, jaga ma abah, jaga adik-adik, Kau bantu dia Ya Allah utnuk capai impian dia.." kinda thing.
and Allah sebaik-baik perancang, she got the place then.

well, yeah, bad things happen to good people.
good things also happen to good people either.

brase mcm mak-mak plak feeling dia.
when she asked me to send her to the uni this sunday, i was like a single-mother-sending-daughter-blaja plak. hehe..
dah la aritu nk g amik my little brother kat kolej the guard asked "amik anak ke kak"..
am i looked like a mother anak umur 20-an?
hey, i am only 32..
not all hantar-amik students are their parents okay..

and still, i have sorg lagi adik yg harus dirisaukan.
since being single for long time ni, the feeling like second parents plak.
over kan.
well, you know, everyone bz with family.
and since aku je mcm oh-free-willy and bleh cuti sesuka hati.
well, use me while you can.
soon, bos baru datang, we couldnt know mcmana kaedah pengendalian dia terhadap kuli2 spt haku inew..

and, with all my heart i wish Cik Tee, selamat belajar.
semoga jadi org berguna.

lps bayar yuran kau tadi aku termenung seketika.
no more handbag and shoes, and baju for these few months.


dah tekan kena laa tulis.