benda kecik, kalau sntiasa difikir-fikirkan, jadi besar.
ia membinasakan.
meruntuhkan silaturahim.
dan memberi kemurungan.

sometimes it comes from sepotong ayat yang dlm conversation biasa, or even been texted.
and how could people just spell their words to us, without considering our feelings.
i am sensetip on that hokeh.
and i was just 'tergamaknya kau cakap camtu'.

remember my mom taught me that kalau kita xnak org buat kat kita, jgn buat kat org.
but then nowadays, org, tergamak je buat apa2 kat kita, even kita x buat kat dia.
know what i meant kan.
the long term ship u have with them dont guarantee that they are best for u.
org ckp takyah lah pk, tak penting.
but then if it doesnt come from their thoughts then where from that words came?

oh my people.
why so cruel.

i have been asked that "who is your best friend?".
and it takes me sometime to think you know.
even i raised out a few name and they will asking me back .
"ye ke?does she closed to bla..bla.. rather than you?".
i was just, "eh!pls dun question me boleh?".
dan terus membawa diri, and listen to Faded-Alan Walker.

teruk kan...huhu.

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