being positive

hey babes,

being positive sometimes really hard.
but sumtimes it isn't that hard..
since we can twist it in a second..
oke2..not a second, might take hours laa jugak..
actually it depends on situation..
or how much it hearted u..
does it mean i do not heart that guy sangat laa kan?
uh-uh?!anyway thanx God..i can cont my work spt biasa..
atau perasaan yg saja diada-adakan untuk memenuhi masa lapang...*apakah?*

sumtimes we dun really know ourselves at much..
*feeling lepas kena sound kaw2 dari my besties..ha-ha..tq girls..!i love u olsss*

added: i got this link .. it helps sedikit sebanyak..

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