i am sooo exhausted for things around in these few weeks.
and i feel like want to let all these go and run to the place to find the real peace, and come to sort all these all over again. when too much things come, it become messes.
and the life feel miserable and unmanageable.
i dont like that and i feel like, i am not me.
then, myself just feel like, ah lantak kaulah.
which is not good for me ..
and also the crowd.

i myself is a kind of people who is able to digest things even taking few time sbb aku ni blur2 but still i try mybest for everything.
but then if you smash my effort with the harsh words, aku mmg rasa mcm chill-lakes la ko kan..
when i ask you what should i do then ko suh aku pk, bila aku pk itu tak kena ini tak kena.
so why not only u do all those things.
baru u sorg puas hati dengan semuanya.

work under pressure is kind of people would lie in all interviews..

Allah, help me to manage these.
Thank you.

at these hours i miss people who would ask and comfort me in all ways:-
"hows life?"
"balik kj dah ke?"
"smpai blom?"
"sampai nt btau"
"sorry smlm ttido, ..(keep cont. the lastnite topic).."
"all is well, jom lunch"

even u delete all the conversation on phone, u still have the main memory storage in your head.
so, would u erase them too?
how? bang ur head on wall?

itu lah dia kan.. oh my God..ehy...

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