Vee has to be serviced for its 5000kmj, but i hold for this weekend since i dont have any activity to be attend so far.
know what, three days back there were lots of dramas at the kampung. as usual, abah with his emotional and 'sensodyne', mum with her not-finish-agendas, adik2 with activities yang aku pon tatau ape yg disebokkan..
and i, camni lah.

i try to firm my life as well, throw all the unnecessary 'things' and get the feet back on the ground.
life always seems easy to others since they are not living in our shoes, but then, take their thought as panduan and walk with humble.

but sometimes, our niats has been twisted, dan itu yang tak seronoknya.
dan aku tengah belajar buat tak tau.

these coming three months without cikma would be different.
and without aini and hanna for the days upon would also bring changes.
thanks Allah still lend twani for accompanying.
*of course i hope for the stayed-forever-mate. giler takmo.

slalu kita ckp nk cari yg beriman,
tapi sjauh mana kita beriman?
aritu attend ceramah agama; yang aku rasa nak rekod je ceramah dia.
i was also been asked about what kind of criteria i v been looking for in a spouse,
i said, beriman.
and terus they ssuggest the ustazs kind of.
well, tak semesti hokeh,
memangla ustazs kira half pakej beriman tu.
but tak semestinya.
aku nak yg 5 waktu complete je.
*ko mintak ngan sape aney?eh...

paksa-paksa dlu.
lama-lama ikhlas lah.



dah tekan kena laa tulis.