that what i feel today and lately...
and the double stress comes time by time..
and as i cant do anything except sleeping to reduce stress.

well, it is normal to have stress at this age and level of job that claim extra commitment for u to care about. oh my goodness, actually i am going to explode if these things continuing bertambah and bertambah. it is hard to be since aku tak lah reti untuk buat keja cincai..

this afternoon i have an info skill class to handle.
lecturer tu pon la hai, takyah la masuk, senang sket nak merapu dlm kelas tu.
itu takpa lagi, dia mai dgn "nanti u add the slot with endnote" which is aku mmg taktau apa psl endnote.

tambah lah stress nya.
and i found that tday rasa mcm nk demam, tekak dah start sakit.
*menangis la ko sorg2...

oh my goodness, Allah, guide me to the straight right path.
and reduce my stress pls.


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