when you notice the ones who you think closed to u have changed just because of their problems, and they wont let you to know them, all the moments you just think like, what the faking moments you share with them. it is not a deal if you are not knowing, but it is a big deal if you know that ohmy, i know you are in trouble, bertabahlah. and you will start advising in all the situation by selit2 the advises and trying to bring them back to the ground. i hate that but thats all i can do.

it is not that i want to be the hero.
i dont know how to explain if inside me telling that "what else can i give to people" especially those i love. loving people is granted with positive-ness in the life. they are happy and you also would be happy. if they fake, and the aura would spreading the "acting" living, and it is definitely wrong to live that way (in my thought lah).

i appreciate living very munchies.
i dont know others, but me inside, i need the loving crowd, spreading positive-ness and supportive people to continue living.
then we could beribadah in good ways.
oh Allah, grant us with guide, and let us be in peace, and show us the right path.


i like the post by Dr. Halina, talking about the 15k viral thing.
last nite this issue raised and i was just stumble and try to kona-kona and it was ended with citer lain. oh my people, why so serious about money..

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