flu and kindness

i was sobbing for the flu and fever, together with my forever penyakit complex (which time dia datang tak hengat, time xde, xde lgsung siap bleh makan seafood sebesen) for last weekend. all in one came on last Wednesday which caused the unfocus-ness sampai meeting urgent pasal perancangan strategik and this year planning i was like "hurmmm..hurmmm...". and luckyly boss understood and adjourned the meeting "peacefully"..

and like before, i was very nervous about my own condition.
seeking for doc on thursday petang memang menyakitkan hati, counter je bukak. but as usual, kalo x kena sejarum memang lambat la nk recovered. the medicine alone always not enuff for the mutant like me. jumaat i call back the clinic, the doc also not available. ufhh...! i decided to go to watson and seek the medicine. Alhamdulillah, today i have slowly recovered and inshaAllah would be blessed for better soon.

hidup ni mcm tu lah kan, sekejap sihat sekejap sakit.
and i wish i would be able to handle whatever circumstances come..

and yesterday, after a walk at the town and kluar amik angin, my hosmet and i stopped at our fav restaurant to tapao dinner. and while we walking to cashier, they yelled "dah bayar kak, ade org bayarkan tadi". homaigad. aku pandang wani, wani pandang aku. and we just din know what to say. blessed memang blessed but sumhow we just...scared. haha.
oke lah, we can say that goodpeople would be always granted with good deeds.
kita doakan lah orang tu.
maybe they just doing a random kindness, and we were chosen to have it that time.
apa lagi ko nak pk kan..positive2.

thanks Allah.
for everything.

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