blessing day

last week i was membebel2 after knowing that my name has been picked as a respondent for uni happiness index. i was like "why me, i am not happy to be selected to join the happiness prog especially on my weekend!". padahal tak gembira sebab clash dengan activiti menyiapkan dulang hantaran. ngeh3.

and the officer who incharge calling me when i was at the meeting at Besut, telling that you may represent other at the same level. and i was like "oke fine, i will send someone replacing me"..
pastu tetiba postpone. nak juge aku pegi tu.haha.

it was a research program to rank the uni, involving 8 representatives from this campus, and kelantan.
it was a happy program, everyone enjoyed, tapi masa present ade sedikit kekerutan pada presenter since unhappiness have been clarified and expressed very well. agaknya kalau buat time weekend haritu makin tinggi index unhappiness. haha.


i am not too much in complaining about the campus since, biasa la.
compared to others, mine was very small things..
bersyukur banyak ke camana ni?
cuma ade la sikit2 bab system and process of doc and proposals je.
thanks Allah for the positiveness.

and balik je office i have been surprised with the present from students.
ohmyGod, i am so blessed.
and few minutes then there was another student texting me for a dinner treat as a return for assisting her for independent study.
oh my.
tak perlu rasanya sampai ke begitu sekali.
mungkin Allah mau uji, ko nk riak ke camana?
mungkin juga satu blessing.

and i also got a pos laju.
presenting the faculty journal.
publishing my article from my independent study research.
oh my.

what a happy day.
thank you Allah.

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