people still in raya mood but me, dah rasa faded...
tday kat office ade jamuan raya.
but then pagi2 i asked my staff to report what she did for the xvtvt petang nanti.
and all reported news were very frustrated.

u know what, i dunno lah if my perception and standard is too high in every single tasks given or even for every people i deal with. i put full of trust and hope that semua keja tersebut akan berjalan dengan lancar since i also do that in every tasks given to me.
but recently i feel like everyone dah mcm pijak kepala and slowly count keja depa buat.
eh, meh sini kau aku nak berkire juga apa aku dah buat.
meh kita timbang mana lebih banyak.
dont u have in mind that orang lain juga punya masalah sndiri kalau ko kata ko ade mslh.
it is about how u handle lah.
u say u stress, org lain kau igt seronok?
and tergamak u said u want to give up all the tasks given to u.. hey, then tak yah keja and go out from this office. this organization also doesnt need u anymore. we also give up on u lah.

why people like this? i too pushy?
may be i am not good in leading people.

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