learn to live life

how far u know urself?
saya masih dalam mencari pengertian..
pencarian untuk memahami hidup dan juga diri sendiri..
call me a complex-thinker, but who care..
i care about my precious life, and i want the best for it..
well, i dont wanna wastely missing it..do u?

dont u ever cross in ur mind that are u really understand urself? and how far?
i know sum of people would say that 'ah, buang masa..aku tau  lah aku camane?'
and also, ' buat ape pnat2 pk, byk bnda lagi aku nak pk...biarlah yg bijak pandai pk mnda2 camni..'
lagi best kena, 'hish ko ni..compex lah!!'
and i had these all says b4..huhu..
but then, i din need ur thought about that..i just a silence viewer..

but fomme, what the faedah by knowing ourselves, we can arrange all those things around us..
sounds like critically tedious things that complex..nedd a research btahun2, kinda thing..
but then, i like to view how people think about other people in the critical-thought..
and also how people manage their life in their living..yup, precious living..

it needs alife-time actually..thus, lets us live while learning and understand it.

and what actually affecting the beingness of a living..
culture?crowd?racist?venus?mars? or...blaa..bla...
and i wonder about all those things that bring us the unique-ness and variety..
thats what written in the Qoran, which Allah Almighty creates us in various form in order to understand and  kaji-mengkaji each other, and menghayati kuasaNya..the more we know, the more we beriman to Him..
am i rite?

u can call me weirdos, but i like to know my self and others.
psychologically. demographically.belief-ness.etc.
which make us different of each other.
and the sametime we might have the persamaan in the searching..
dengan itu juge kita dapat paham how adult, kids, man, woman, girls, olders etc..
hmm..ilmu dunia, byk lagi yg belum diexplore..

kata org, org pompuan suka mikir benda complex2..
ye ke?hehe..

p/s: kuasa sebuah buku boleh mengubah sebuah persepsi ..

**the writing sebelum masuk chapter Marriage & Women :: Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage..

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