mesti dia tengah susah hati kalo tetiba texted di pagi hari.
pagi yang selepas dua tiga minit punch in.huhu
i just ..can feel it..


beb, smlm mimpi lg.
for this week asyik dia je dlm mimpi aku.
that day when i was at mall, i just saw a man with his face.
know what, that face did disturb me to stare smpai abes kelibat..
aku giler ke hapa.

my God, help these two people to achieve their good things in their life.
i am no longer with them.
but still i want the best for them.
and yet, pls dont let us meet in any circumstance.
i dont want to drag mylife to theirs...again.
jika bukan untuk longterm..
pls Allah...plsss...

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