welcome 2017

yes, 2017 comes with bright morning after the hard fall rain semalam which bring the flood to the area yg rendah, including my rumah kg.but my mom said nothing to be worried, sikit je.
looking to the pic of 2016, i saw the working-pics conquered.
dua big projects IMD in one year, which is tak penah dibuat org but since both were organized to fulfill the KPI and VC insist, kena lah buat. and sgt enjoyable projects, i met many people, which now become my frens. alaaa.. rindu lah pulak.
Allah plans the best, abes je blaja 2016 , 11 Jan, terus start to meetings for that project.
and abes je dua2 projects, sambung dgn prject dulang tunang n kawen adik aku.
and after that, focus project report kualiti kat opis.
di samping tu celah2 organize kelab student.
mcm nk tumbang gak, but Allah knows best.
dlm bz2 sempat gak g vacay kat Rainbow Waterfall Sg. Lembing.
anta ciktee blaja, pastu g knvo.
and everything happens through the good flow.

2016 also affected relationships, good and bad.
sometimes it is good to make a move and leave, sebelum sakit hati bertambah-tambah.
and aku yakin, my move this time would not affect dia mcm sblm2 ni.
slalu kalau je aku buat kputusan nk move, dia dtg balik.
but i know, not this time.
i leave because i love.
myself. and give chance to me myself ke depan.
it is my big affected thing in my 2016.
2015 dah jadi skali, jadi lagi rupanya 2016.
hope 2017 ni tak de la lagi camni.

2016 is a good year for me in achieving my career well.
even i got APC for 2015, tapi sbb award diberi 2016, kira 2016 lah tu..

inshaAllah, semoga 2017 would bring me prosperity and wellness.
and love.

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