done **

berdoa lebih sikit dari org lain..hehe

sampai salah2 backdrop..nasib boleh edit next day.

the participants and VIP and me..

dats way i was bz for these 2 weeks..

and now, i hav to focus to KLBF pulak..

but then, in that while, the reports of that program kna settlekan..


kdg2 mmg penat, tapi bila tgk balik, puas hati..

dan sokongan sekeliling memang membantu dalam menaikkan semangat dan the passion of work..and i want to thank GOD for making this real.

now am at ofis, wiken..

with these all papers, and updating mane yg belum sudah.

pagi tadi laundry and doing the housewife-thing kat umah.. mum always remind me, to settle keja rumah before buat yg lain2..
even u dun hav others..well u know wat i mean..

congrate to my fren, good fren *or maybe can call him as a 'like'-fren*

for his engagement..

and goodluck to his exam too..very tuff study while work..

but, good for him lah..

*also good luck to me to face him either*

hey, i'm a great fren, not goyah with all this.she might be ur best, suite for him..

ok, wish me luck for next even..

this april is really packed..huhu

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