time present.terer jurugambar neh..

bersama rektor..proud beb.. ^^

alhamdulillah, we got ANUGERAH EMAS for the Mini Konvensyen ICC Wilayah Zon Selatan kat Melaka smlm.and thanx to all crews for the commitment..as a facilitator, saya sangat berbangga for our first invovement in this competition. tqvvvm.

and also to all the staffs in my jabatan. tq for support..
also to cikhousemate, sudi amik smlm.

tday datang keja dgn pelbagai rasa..of coz i'm happy for our good achievement, but then, well, u know i cant jot the feeling here..
byk benda actually FOR YOUR ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY yg nk kna buat...
full mailbox tu tgh nunggu utk dibuat.
cume dissappointed ngan org2 cerdik pandai yg org suh bagi fback on date sekian2 tapi last2 minit mcm2..oh!plezzzz..sgat derrr..

esok my team and i will launched the bengkel.
and i hav to turun and make all the arrangement and so on so forth.
dan smua bnda HARUS dibuat hari ni..

ya ya ya, i hav to LIKE all these..

btw, smlm i met my jiran 40 pintu kat kg on the convention.
also fren of my sissy..
wohoho..mesti dia pelik y he involved with our adik beradek recently since last 2months my adik praktikal kat hospital tmpt dia kj.hehe..

oke, saya nak jadi org hebat hari ni. *motivasi*
good luck!!

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