wasting time -- cara saya

"feel the rain on your skin.. ..no one else...la..lala.."

i dun really know the lyric, but it whistled me along my way to office tday..
and made my day till now..
i get the weird dream -- i talked to PM, i debating sumting with him..wth?haha..
mcm ler dia ade mase nak menyembang..
my wiken went very not-as-planned..
i actually wanna make sumting to avoid me to get my feet on this office, but then, i wont work anymore..
mcm perkara wajib yang tak boleh tak buat..
i just hav to come even to get a scissor, a pen or even a tape..
yg sbnarnya tade penting sangat..
and just becz of want-to-make-sumting mood eagerly punching, i did few little frames..
dan pagi tadi satu dah falling down-falling down sbb tape dia tak kuat.. huh..

slack kat cat dinding.mgkin dulu dia x pakai nippon kot..

and last saturday i saw my money got the wings and flied from my purse..
the blue-and-red-note..phew! oke wat ever..
for cik oren, anything..
pakcik produa tu cam bengang je time i demand 10 thousand oil for the engine..haha..
marah le, kang i report branch.. then, p basuh keta..
this was the 1st time suh dia basuh smpai engine..
padahal bukannye koto sgt..

** i went for a long ride. .
just to perabihkan masa ujung minggu..
mmang masa habes..duit pun abes..
Ya ALLAH, jauhilah daku ini dari sikap boros memboros..

yg nak g window..tapi hasilnya..

salmon brown fried rice with passion fruit with honey juice..


me: no2..i just want table for one.. waiter: we only got table for two and above ye miss..ataw miss nk saya temankan.. me: (watever) live is unfair...

yesterday i just knew that i allergic to salmonfish in any meal..
and i just discover next time i need to becareful and read the label before i buy anything..
actually sungguh saya tak perasan, CHARCOAL is REALLY DIFFERENT to CHOCOLATE..
sudahnya semalam dok berhabes daya telan roti-serbuk-arang tu..

mengikut pakar makanan (my bro studies on the foodtechno), serbuk arang is really produktif to buang angin besides utk putihkan gigi.. oh!dats y saya rase gigi saya bersinar2 hari ni..wakaka..

last nite trilogi cinta dah episode akhir.. yes, of coz happy ending..
Nurjinah lives happy ever after dengan handsomeman-Razif..
so too seha and that charming-kind-Bad..
the jahat-Shahrol suffered to disease and die..

well, dats all.. good day everyone..

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