it is sunday when i jotting down few lines here and the rain came and the clock stated on 6.05pm..
nescafe aroma with coffee-mate filling the air..creating great-mood..sgt relax..
wat a sleepy-lazy-wiken since yesterday my frens and i went for JJCM@muar travelling for the mee bandung and asam pedas..
very nice since as we-open-eyes, makan-makan, jalan-jalan, balik umah, close-the-eyes balik..hehe..
very not good for anak muda..jangan diamalkan selalu.

this bag is just as simple as me.. ^^
i dunno why i cant stop myself for having handbag..huhu

mee bandung muar at tanjung agas..
sederet dengan murtabak s'pore.but we din go there bcs our tanks were really really full..

first stop, asam pedas area2 tanjung emas, seberang jambatan.
just nice.tapi xle lawan Hjh Mona melaka nor Larkin punya asam pedas yg boleh bikin telinga berasap sama.

i was just finish reading the last chapter of love, in Sup Ayam untuk Jiwa Wanita..
(i'll keep storying about this book 'till i finish the last page..and it would be months..sabau je laa ye..).
well, this time i wanna share one subchapter with u guys..

(actually by now, i also watching the safiyya @tv9, dia tengah buat chocolate..mcm best giler..she makes that as her hobby..
a fren of mine pun ade buat bisnes choc online..i?ohoho..maybe later..^^)

*oke, back to the story*

the title is "martha's secret ingredients".
her husband always saw martha cooked and put a light sprinkling 'sumting' from a container..
dari masak kek hingga masak sayur goreng blacan dia letak bnda tu..*omputih mkn x blacan?hehe..tokok tambah plak..hehe*
botol tu digambarkan as old container i guessed,by the colors claimed as already faded.
the husband asked her wat act'ly in that container, but martha said it was secret herb. She told him not to touch it.
he just wonder sbb dia bukan budak kecik kalau martha takut dia spilled-out all the ingredients inside, bcs there was no refill of the ingredient.
one day, martha sakit.and it was 30-y he married her.he never saw wat inside the container.
din matter to him since all the dish cooked by her wife alls mouth-watering..not even him, but the whole family and frens who tasted her handmade-dish..

and the curiosity nagged when only the husband at home, martha kat spital.

then slowly the husband took the container, and recited while opening it.kot2 ade spell ke or watever worst thing happen to him slpas buka the container.
guess wat inside.
not even spices or herb inside, but a brief note was scrawled inside.
the writing was from martha's mother..
written "Martha--to everything you make, add a dash of love"..

and then he completely knew why it tasted so good..
*then after this go find a container and crew a paper written these all words,oke..hehe*

we muslims dont hav to believe all the things like this as we taught to start,and finish the cook with the name of ALLAH and hope the blessed of HIM to those eaters..
and all depends of our niat and love by ur heart.. [but i heard few kepercayaan to renjis the air tangan or watever trick&treat in cooking, but for me, it depends to our niat..well, lain org, lain caranya rite..]
and my mum always remind do not cook while u muncung-muncung and rebelling, since the taste will affected..
hehe.. so, smile and enjoy the cook, and so people tasted pun akan enjoy juge.. :)

humm...well,everyone, love is universal..
and it cannot be touched by hand, or seen by ordinary-eyes..
it can be felt by heart, and the way we act..

i heart this heart..hope u too..


dah tekan kena laa tulis.