mrs whippy: a review

buku cerita yg sampai..

antara koleksi my fav author

this morning, order utk ujung tahun lepas reached us for the 2nd delivery..
then few of them my order..

and this brought me, for one hour break, sticking my eyes on the book titled mrs. whippy, written by cecelia ahern, my fav author..just a short 12 chapters with 75 pages..
"a story doesn't have to be big to open the world"
--an initiative to enhance adult literacy in ireland..

sangat bagus..tak semestinya baca buku tebal, ayat complex utk dptkan ilmu..
buku nipis2 camni mobilize, sgt senang utk dibawa ke mana-mana..
*dah mula membebel sbg seorang librarian*

actually the book sgt memberi motivasi..
kepada seseorang yg pernah kecewa, feeling down and pressure sbb family fate..
then the heroin - emelda, dapat semangat baru dari seorang Mr. Whippy, si penjual aiskrim..
dlm citer ni byk kaitkan aiskrim dengan hidup.rase macam nak mkn eskrem je..

sgt bagus bukunye..

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btw, i paste one para here:-

"Every moment of my life is marked by ice-cream. I associate moments with tastes, textures and scents. Sweet sugars that pumped into my blood, lifted my heart and made my special moments even more special."

get the synopsis here..


dah tekan kena laa tulis.