this and next wiken

i work on this wiken..
and of course we got the CTR after then..
*cuti tanpa rekod*

and the next wiken we hav to work too..
there wud be a program at Pasir Gudang..
and the nerve cockles in my stomach and mind, which all about the unsettle things..
phew! i hope for the smooth..
my bos always remind us ~ buat ape yang kamu rase boleh buat..anything yg luar kawalan is not wat we expect want to be... ~ lbey kuang camtu laa ayatnya..
satu penenang saya kira..utk mendamaikan keadaan diri saya yg messy ini..

hmm..tgh tggu notebook update antivirus..
about a week x hapdet..

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