ye kadang kita merenung sampai tembus tembok maya menjengah alam khayalan.
bayangan sesuatu yg kita rasa, kan best kalau semua adalah mengikut yang kita mahu.
sentap bila disapa suara realiti. oh-my-God.

janganlah merasa tuhan tidak adil.
seperti bicara kita semalam, semoga ada doa-doa yg dipanjatkan makbul.
i was denying that since i do believe semua doa adalah akan dimakbulkan cuma lambat cepat saja.
since we were agreed on that, lets cont the living and pretend that you din ever tell me the truth, and we could act like usual. sound stupid to deny kan..
and no, pls do not misunderstand me, i am not teaching u to flirt.
of course not.
i am strong enough to be like that, and of course you lagi laa oke since the benefit more than 50% on your side.
you just too young to understand this, and i am the makan-garam more than you, so i can control my thought my brain and my so on.

i could bertolak ansur because i love myself, and it is not good to pin the hatred for the living.
and i just let it be lah. macam selfish, tapi since you pon sama selfish, let us be selfish together and against the nature.

just pls dont care too much.
it is oke to text me things you do, your messes, your new things (or newbabycollections =.=)..
but pls dun do things that could melting me.
and lets do not be closed.
juts...let us be in win-win situation.

sounds sgt diplomasi untuk menjaga hati sendiri.
let me enjoy the living anugerah tuhan dengan happy-happy.
hope Allah blesses and guide us me to the right path.

mengeteh with sibs mmg menghancurkan diet.
u could share all the orders without boarders.
we had so much fun.
kalau aku tau sbnrnya MLM 2014 tu tayang kat RIA xde beriya
utk kuar umah 9malam ye adik2.

my obsession to coffee is endless..
i know u know that much about me.
like your obsession to the jagung and the en.puteh.
also to the prawn..
 and now i need to build the borders.
u know that really hard to do that to people that
i give so much trust.
just ...boomed.. like that haa..

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