recipes - Buttermilk

percubaan buttermilk recipe in a week was very exciting.
i managed to cook prawn buttermilk with salted egg then chicken buttermilk.
op koz smuanya ku google.
prawn buttermilk with salted egg was superb...bleh buat lagi next time.
chicken buttermilk tu muak bila banyak2.. then i was alter the recipe since serbuk kari daging dah abes, yg tinggal kari ikan, so i changed it with serbuk kunyit..lari dowh rasa..
but still habes, so oke la. hehe.
my gosh , it still 9am and i am talking about food?

percubaan recipes is very fun if ade supporters.
and mood. lapang sangat kan cuti sem ni.
esok balik kg.

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