monster (inc)

it is normal for a woman or girl or lady or watsoever you call, we are of course having our one or two days in a month or a week (teruknya kalo smggu skali..huhu.not me hokay) swinging mood which bring our faces muncung and redup pandangan mata, do not want to reply ur questions and even melayan lawak-lawak bodoh yang dilontarkan.
call us the dragon or tiger or watsoever horrible monster you want, it never change the mood and perhaps it would fire more the flame.
and sometimes even the women not understand other women.
not so many people want to understand other, you know, kind of aku je yg nk kna paham ko, kalo time aku ko is like "ko dah knape bad mood?"
the question which is kind of asking for a back-hand or something.
well, i am a normal women, i am hating. bad-mooding, gossiping and all women know..
i am not always have happy face and pleasing you in every seconds.
so, pls be respect.

tetiba emo. mende ntah aku nk tulis, tapi aku is bad mood and do not anyone to disturb.
and people, pls be in rules and dont do mess..
i am a monster today.
*gorjes monster may be.. ahaks!

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